4 Big Ways Small Taxi Fleets Drive Growth & Profitability

Running a transportation company has its ups and downs, and taking the right steps to improve operations can make all the difference. There are a number of factors to consider when strategic planning to push your business to thrive, not just survive, in your industry. Improving profit margins, while maintaining high service standards can be achieved.

Learn how taxi/transportation companies worldwide have continued growth, in spite of the many challenges faced.

Implement Driver & Staff Incentives

It’s important to start with a team that is motivated and committed to your goals and values. Drivers are, in reality, the face of your company. Whether they are independent contractors or employees, it’s important to provide your drivers with positive experiences when they are working with you. You should make sure to invest in company appreciation through awards, prizes, and any other actions that would make them feel appreciated (big or small gestures make an impact).

Here are a few ways to build a strong team:

  • Create a desirable work culture
    • Management that is easy to work with and provides constructive feedback
    • Remove toxic personalities
    • Make it a fun place to work
  • Reward good performance
    • Feature them on social media, send a card, give a gift, acknowledge contributions, more (get creative).


Put Focus on Corporate Accounts

It may be surprising to hear, but taxi companies all over the world have been growing. How is that possible with Uber and Lyft, COVID, and other factors that have turned the transportation industry upside-down?

The answer is there are plenty of need for transportation that cannot be served by ride sharing apps, etc. A small fleet can double in an instant with the right corporate client.



Benefits of Developing Corporate Clients:

  • Clients will bring in regular rides
  • Another source of leads (that you didn’t have to advertise for)
  • Maintain service agreement and grow as they grow
  • Target industries with regular transportation needs:
    • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), Hospitality, Airport, More!


Keep Up with Technology

Taxi customers of today place high value on the convenient option. Simply having a phone number just won’t work, if you have goals of growing your fleet. At minimum, you should be set up on social media and have a booking tool on your website. Investing in a booking software system and mobile application that integrates with your taxi dispatch software is highly recommended to give a baseline tech standard that is expected by society these days.

  • Make it easy for customers to book
  • Make it easy for rides to be dispatched to drivers
  • Accept digital payments online
  • Provide online booking options and/or mobile app
SmartMove Taxi Software Features



Outsource Customer Support


Avoid the headache of having to manage and supervise a call centre to support your customers and drivers.

As minimum wage is continually increasing, it’s hard for taxi companies to survive when they have to manage and fund a call centre to merely answer calls and messages (equipment, internet, office rent, supervisors, turnover, benefits, more). Outsourcing inbound customer inquiries and dispatching saves taxi companies significantly in annual payroll and overhead costs.


When small fleets are growing, it can be financially difficult to go from a small team taking calls for your company, to constantly hiring and maintaining a team (with high expenses) to cover customer support. For this reason, taxi owners all over the world look into outsourcing to a skilled call centre at lower rates, without having to do much.



Make the SmartMove

Booking & Dispatching Software + Customer Support Services

If you are looking to advance your taxi or transportation company, SmartMove is the answer. 

  • Small fleet? No Problem. SmartMove Systems provides transportation companies of all sizes (from 1 to 200+ vehicles) with everything they need to succeed. Large fleets scale to new territories and acquisitions with SmartMove seamlessly.
  • Manage Business Through Android Devices. SmartMove makes it easy to dispatch rides to drivers via Android App. Gone are the days of bulky and difficult-to-set-up hardware. 
  • Call Centre Services Bundle. Ready to grow but don’t know where to begin when you want to start outsourcing your calls? SmartMove Systems offers support agents you can trust that can take your calls, chats, emails, and more. Choose from the pricing structure that fits your budget & needs.


In conclusion, there are strategic moves you can make as a taxi owner/operator to improve your operations and bottom line. Are you taking the right steps to optimize your transportation business?

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