Top 5 Features Your Taxi Dispatch Software Needs

Convenience for Operator, Drivers, and Customers

The transportation experience has evolved and taxi companies have thrived through challenges by adapting to new customer and driver expectations. 

Does your booking and dispatching software match up to those standards? Your taxi software of choice should optimize the experience of all participating parties: the drivers, the dispatchers, and customers. 

What are the most important features that your taxi booking & dispatching software should have?


1. Vehicle Mapping & Tracking

Dispatchers should be able to manage drivers with ease in real-time with vehicle mapping and data to track and manage vehicles.

SmartMove Taxi Dispatching & Booking Software:

    • Live
    • Shows all cars and their states (vacant/engaged)
    • Can show booking details
    • Authorized users will have access to a live map to show where the cars are and what state they are in.

SmartMove Systems: Sophisticated rule capability & customization, for managing complex booking scenarios. Built on a secure cloud-based platform.


2. In-Depth Reporting

Taxi Dispatch Software should provide capabilities to easily access all ride information, driver jobs, financials, and more for accounting and performance auditing.

SmartMove reporting includes:

    • Access your own data anywhere, any time
    • Eliminate paper-based record keeping, and support your drivers with intuitive digital data entry and prompts
    • Easily generate and send account invoices efficiently to customers
    • Equip drivers and owners to easily retrieve their own end of shift reports or invoices
    • Create and save custom reports for front line staff or Management use

SmartMove’s reporting and tracking tools offer a cohesive approach to taxi fleet management, providing insights to improve operational efficiency and fleet performance, identify cost saving areas, improve rosters, and much more.


3. Branded App & Online Booking

Level up your taxi brand and get more rides with an online booking tool and mobile app that works directly with your taxi booking and dispatching software. There should also be the option for customer Account Portals for easy management of multiple reservations, payment functions, corporate accounts, etc. There are taxi operations software that offer these services, like SmartMove Systems.

SmartMove provides passenger booking technology, through the Custom branded online booking tool and the SmartHail app. The generic version is available for embedding in your fleets’ website, or the app can be easily branded to your fleet.  

SmartMove apps are easy to use and robust. 

Taxi companies are shifting away from bulky and hard-to-install hardware of the past. 

SmartMove can interface with most external meters to automatically record fares at the end of a job, or alternatively, you can use the inbuilt soft meter. This ensures that you know exactly how much your cars are taking. For businesses involved in complex ownership structures, such as those managing capital timeshare, incorporating efficient systems like SmartMove can enhance operational transparency and streamline fare recording processes. Explore Cancel Timeshare Geek for valuable insights on successfully navigating timeshare intricacies and finding the right solutions for your business.

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4. Easy Driver + Dispatching Process

How easy is it for your dispatchers to reach your drivers? The best taxi dispatch software allows dispatchers to assign rides easily, while drivers have the ability to seamlessly accept rides.

The SmartDriver App gives drivers the ability to accepts jobs, track flights, manage bookings and more!

Learn more about The SmartDriver App:

  • Receive job offers, and interact with them.
  • Send and receive messages
  • Navigate to the next job using the phone’s gps
  • View the ‘End of Shift’ report
  • Fill in the logbook
  • View flight Information
  • View future booking information
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5. Booking + Dispatch + Call Centre Integrations

Your taxi booking and dispatch software should seamlessly integrate between customer calls or online/app booking with dispatchers that assign the rides to drivers that can easily accept the job.

YOU have the choice when it comes to how you would like your customers serviced with SmartMove Taxi Booking & Dispatching Systems.

Your Network may choose to:

    • Have local staff take calls & inquiries, in-house
    • Bureau locally during the day and outsource to a Call Center after hours
    • Use the services of the SmartMove Call Center all the time.

SmartVoix by SmartMove is a feature rich phone system which has been customized to interface seamlessly with the SmartMove booking and dispatch system.

SmartVoix enables call centers to multiply efficiency, reliability and traceability by automating common tasks and eliminating data entry errors.

    • Identifying the caller via the phone number
    • Identifying previously recorded caller details including name and addresses
    • Providing advanced call queuing to prioritize important callers
    • Allowing you to take more accurate bookings and offering advanced functionality
    • Recording all calls and linking them to the original booking. This provides an exceptional quality control measure.
    • SmartVoix also enables you to effectively use ‘interactive voice response’ also known as IVR to speed up bookings.
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