Dispatching Software Solutions with SmartMove Systems

Advanced Software Solutions

It’s important, when considering a transportation management system or looking to replace your existing one, to think deeply about how it works when connecting customer service agents answering phones (chats, social media, etc.) to drivers that want the ride, as well as how the customer experiences their ride verification.

SmartMove’s Comprehensive and Integrated approach to taxi dispatching provides a thorough software solution to taxi companies, their customer support, drivers, and clients.

SmartMove’s cutting edge advanced technology addresses the needs of every part of the taxi ride from the passenger to the driver, to the operations and the support team.

Passenger Experience

Passenger safety, privacy, and convenience has been thought through in SmartMove’s software solutions.

The SmartHail app provides passengers with lots of customization options and relevant information about their rides.

Web browser booking is also available from SmartMove, allowing companies to have a custom branded website booking tool for another easy booking experience. 

Privacy is ensured with passenger and driver being able to call each other with no phone numbers being revealed while saving dead miles and reducing wait times for passengers by enabling SMS communication and tracking.

SmartMove supports a variety of payment methods that’s intuitive and painless with instant digital receipts sent by email.

More details of the features and benefits can be found here:

Passenger Solutions

Driver Workflows

SmartMove’s software solution for Drivers reduces the friction of their workdays primarily through the SmartDriver App which enables them to access shift reports, fill in their logbook and send messages. 

Drivers can also rest easy with SmartMove’s advanced driver duress alarm solutions to keep them safe on the road which can be a physical panic button installed in a discreet location in the vehicle.

SmartMove Go provides a soft meter that calculates the fare based on distance travelled and works as a backup to the stand-alone meter or even works for areas outside of normal operating areas.

More driver solutions can be found here:

Driver Solutions

Fleet Operation Support

SmartMove’s cutting edge technology quickly dispatches bookings to the suitable cars and, through the Docketkiller tool, it takes care of the accounting, regulatory, insurance, and quality assurance paperwork with detailed information on the most relevant categories streamlining all processes.

SmartMove can bundle call centre support either on a full time or part time basis. Moreover through the SmartVoix phone system automating simple enquiries is easier than ever. 

Ask about our packages that bundle SmartMove Systems + SmartMove Call Center Services

Everything you need to run a modern, advanced transportation company.

The plethora of benefits can be read here:

Fleet Operation Solutions


Owner/Operator Solutions

All of these software solutions tie in with operators and owners having full access to the financials giving them unparalleled awareness and control over their business. 

SmartMove offers customized reporting that allows you to focus on the data points that matter. 

To see more of these integrations, see here:

Owner/Operator Solutions


Who Needs SmartMove Systems?

  • Taxi Companies
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Companies
  • Limo Companies
  • Shuttle Transportation Companies
  • Any Transportation Company that Needs Comprehensive Trip Management

SmartMove Systems is easily scalable to grow as your business grows. Serving the needs of fleets of all sizes, from 1–200+ vehicles.

To get firsthand experience of these benefits and more, book a demo with us today!

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