Fleet Operation Tips: Thriving in the Taxi Industry

How Do Taxi Service Companies Thrive?

The transportation industry has evolved over the last decade. With technological advances in booking, dispatching, and the overall experience, how do you (as a transportation business owner) keep up with customer and driver expectations, while keeping operations efficient and cost-effective?

While many companies have had to close their doors over the years, other transportation companies have thrived despite the many challenges that come their way. Success has come to those that focus on making decisions that improve productivity, lower overhead costs, and improve customer and driver satisfaction.

What should you consider when you’re looking to optimize your transportation business?


Custom Branded Web Booking Tool & App

When transportation service companies are growing, they must look at what current and potential customers are looking for and expect in a ride service. Not only that, you should remember that it’s important to think about the driver experience as well, since they are essentially the face of your business. Keeping these factors in mind, you should pick a taxi booking software with features that allow passengers to easily book rides, while offering drivers easy options for accepting rides from dispatchers.

Stay competitive and grow customer satisfaction with SmartMove’s advanced app and web booking tools, which can be custom branded to reflect your company. Your drivers are able to accept and manage rides with ease through the SmartMove Go Dispatch App on Android Devices for easy set up. 




The better your online presence and experience is, the better your chances to pull in a larger demographic of people that prefer to book through those digital mediums. You’ll also look more professional which doesn’t hurt, especially when you’re pitching corporate accounts that consequently lead to big bucks. You’ll be happy with the ROI.

Comprehensive Reporting and Record Keeping

How do you handle your accounting, legislative and quality assurance requirements? Do you have real time access to your data and reporting tools to streamline paperwork and reduce manual data entry? It’s important to have a system in place that allows you to access and analyse driver performance and business financials at any given moment.

DocketKiller by SmartMove Systems

SmartMove’s innovative accounting feature DocketKiller  eradicates paperwork and save you time and money by streamlining your book-keeping processes dramatically.

At the end of every job, the driver is required to record how the fare was paid.  This can be made compulsory so that the details of every payment are captured and used in the paperless reporting processes.

      • Invoices to account holders for work done on account
      • Financial transactions for invoiced work and claims from owners can integrate seamlessly with MYOB or QuickBooks.
      • End-of-shift report providing a complete history of work done on a shift along with a financial reconciliation can be produced in a few seconds. This is particularly useful for fleet-owned cars.
      • An invoice from bailor (owner) to bailee (driver) for work done can also be generated to assist with financial reconciliation.
      • Web booking users can have jobs charged to their account. This might remove the need to justify claims as the users themselves have made the bookings.



Unlike many other dispatch systems, YOU maintain control of ALL of your data at NO EXTRA COST which means UNLIMITED access always. With this access to unlimited reporting, you have an unprecedented level of control over your business.


Ready for Growth

When you’re running a business, you should be pushing towards growth, but are your transportation company operations ready for scaling, new acquisitions, or expanding to new territories? Be sure to work with a booking and dispatching system that can cater to your needs. 

Are you a taxi startup? Find one that can accommodates your small fleet and will grow with you.

SmartMove has options that scale with you and your workload. Our pricing scales up and down if your fleet size or workload changes. Additionally, if you need extra call-centre support, or if you’d prefer not to have your own staff on around-the-clock, you can activate our call-centre services to manage overflow or handle preferred time slots when your staff members are unavailable. 

Fleets of All Sizes, 

From 1-200+ Vehicles.


Make the SmartMove

SmartMove Systems is a global leader in booking and dispatch systems, serving Taxi Networks, Non-Emergency Medical transportation (NEMT) Operators, Fleets, Rideshare Operators, Paratransit, Livery, and Shuttle service providers with lower-cost & scalable booking, dispatch and integrated call-centre solutions. 

SmartMove has been supporting the taxi industry for over 17 years, and we value providing a high-quality customizable approach to our customers. 


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