Have you considered using SmartVoix

What is SmartVoix?

SmartVoix is a feature rich phone system which has been customised to interface seamlessly with the SmartMove dispatch system.

SmartVoix enables call centres to multiply efficiency, reliability and traceability by automating common tasks and eliminating data entry errors.


What does SmartVoix do?

SmartVoix delivers a faster booking process by

  • Identifying the caller via the phone number
  • Identifying previously recorded caller details including name and addresses
  • Providing advanced call queuing to prioritise important callers
  • Allowing you to take more accurate bookings and offering advanced functionality
  • Recording all calls and linking them to the original booking. This provides an exceptional quality control measure.
  • SmartVoix also enables you to effectively use ‘interactive voice response’ also known as IVR to speed up bookings.

Watch this short video and contact our support team if you would like more information.


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